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About us


What is Definitum?

Definitum is a legal executive search firm spearheaded by an experienced head hunter working with a team of leaders in legal recruitment, united by a desire to change perceptions and challenge received wisdom in the industry. 


Creative, ambitious, tenacious legal executive search

In today’s connected economy, the next generation of legal executive search – for Associates, Partners, or entire teams of fee-earners – does not always require months of reports and meetings in place of genuine progress. Definitum offers a different level of commitment combined with a different way of thinking. You’ll like it.


Searching for the very best

Definitum works with elite candidates and top-rated firms, adapting our methodology in response to diverse portfolios for change and strategic growth. Our clients and candidates reflect our values – dynamic, ambitious, and whose qualities are self-evident amid the noise of a crowded market.


Professionalism, performance, personality

At Definitum, we are “defined” by our professionalism, performance, and personality. We love what we do and we are very good at it. Our expert consultants have all been practising lawyers, and we will deliver the talent that your firm or your practice demands, both for now and the longer term. You will also enjoy the process, forming an alliance that will provide you with trusted, enlightened counsel as you seek to build on your success far into the future.

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