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What is the Academy?


Definitum Academy is a social enterprise that aims to help long-term jobseekers find employment. We strongly believe that every man and woman should be given the opportunity to achieve their potential, whatever their background or personal history.












































































We want to work in partnership with our clients (prospective, current, or past) to offer a chance to those less fortunate. We pair lawyers with individuals seeking work, to whom they will then offer mentorship and support. We will use a portion of the income generated from our placement fees, coupled with our own time and skills as recruiters, in order to:


  • Prepare the jobseeker for interview

  • Use a portion of the money to make sure they look good and feel good on the day, and can get to their interview on time.

  • Create and edit their own unique Definitum Video CV to send to prospective employers

  • Celebrate together when they secure their new job and new beginning!


This is our own unique initiative as a socially responsible business, and we hope that you can find the time to become involved.

What is the Academy?

Definitum Academy

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