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Your trusted career partner

We want you to approach Definitum because we're easy to deal with, and because you are guaranteed to receive the best information and expert counsel. We were all practising lawyers, so we truly understand what you do.  We ensure that each stage of the transition in a potential move is handled effectively and confidentially - speaking to firms on your behalf, preparing for your interview, negotiating your offer.

Once you've found your new home, we will check in periodically and remain on hand for help, support and perspective throughout your career


Eliminating the unknown

We understand how much thought and trepidation is bound up in any move, so we will help you weigh up the balance, and establish your priorities. 

Our targeted methodology is designed to ensure you are well informed, and able to maximise your advantage to the very best opportunities in the market. We will make sure you know how to tailor an approach to a particular firm of your choosing, and hone your CV and interview skills for your prospective new firm.



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