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Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Policy


Discriminatory Behaviour

Definitum recognises our obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and supports the relevant Codes of Practice for the prevention of unlawful discrimination.

  • Direct discrimination


Direct discrimination occurs where an individual treats or would treat another individual less favourably because of one or more of the protected characteristics. This includes discrimination resulting from a perception or assumption relating to the characteristics, even these are incorrect.


  • Indirect discrimination


This occurs when a practice, criterion or provision, which puts people who share a protected characteristic at a disadvantage when compared with others who do not, and cannot be objectively justified.


Disabled Persons


Definitum will not discriminate against a disabled person on the grounds of disability:


  • when determining to whom a role should be offered; or


  • in the terms on which employment or engagement of temporary workers is offered; or


  • by not offering or refusing to offer the disabled person a job on the grounds of their disability; or


  • in the opportunities afforded to the person for receiving any benefit, or by refusing to afford, or deliberately not affording him or her any such opportunity; or


  • by subjecting him or her to any other detriment


Definitum has a duty to make reasonable adjustments and to provide auxiliary aids and services.


Age Discrimination


Definitum will not discriminate directly or indirectly, harass or victimise any person on the grounds of their age. We will encourage our clients to not include any age criteria in job specifications and every attempt will be made to ensure our clients recruit on the basis of competency regardless of age.


Definitum may request age as part of our recruitment process but such information will not be used as selection, training or promotion criteria or in any detrimental way and is only for compilation of personal data, which the company holds on all employees and workers as part of the equal opportunities monitoring process.


Part Time Workers


This policy covers the treatment of employees, applicants and workers who work on a part time basis and recognise that it is an essential part of the policy that all part time employees are treated on the same terms, with no detriment, as full time employees (albeit on a pro rata basis) in matters such as pay, holiday entitlement, maternity leave, parental and domestic incident leave and access to any redundancy or pension schemes.




Definitum is committed to providing a work environment free from unlawful harassment on the grounds of the protected characteristics or any other basis protected by legislation. This policy prohibits unlawful harassment by any employee or worker of Definitum.


Examples of prohibited harassment are:


  • Verbal or written conduct containing derogatory jokes or comments


  • Slurs or unwanted sexual advances


  • Visual conduct such as derogatory or sexually orientated posters


  • Photographs, cartoons, drawings or gestures which some may find offensive


  • Physical conduct such as assault, unwanted touching, or any interference because of sex, race or any other protected characteristic basis


  • Threats and demands to submit to sexual requests as a condition of continued employment or avoid some other loss, and offers of employment benefits in return for sexual favours


  • Retaliation for having reported or threatened to report harassment


If you believe you have been unlawfully harassed, you should make an immediate report to Christopher Clark followed by a written complaint as soon as possible after the incident.


Your written report should include the following:


  1. Details of the incident


  1. Name(s) of the individual(s) involved


  1. Name(s) of any witness(es)


Definitum will undertake a thorough investigation of the allegations. If it is concluded that unlawful harassment has taken place, remedial action will be taken.

Any employee(s) who Definitum finds to be responsible for unlawful harassment will be subject to the disciplinary procedure and any sanction may include termination. [A person who discriminates or harasses may be personally liable for payment of compensation to the person offended, in addition to any compensation payable by Definitum. There is no statutory cap on the amount of compensation which may be awarded in discrimination cases. Under the Criminal Justice Act 1994, harassment became a criminal offence, punishable by a fine of up to £5,000 and/or a prison term of up to 6 months. Under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, the penalties for aggravated harassment are an unlimited fine and/or 5 years imprisonment.]

Gender Reassignment

  • Definitum recognises that any employee or worker may wish to change their gender during the course of their employment with the Company

  • Definitum will support any employee or worker through the reassignment provided that full medical counselling has been undertaken and Definitum has access to any relevant medical reports.

  • Definitum will make every effort to try to protect an employee or worker who has undergone, is undergoing or intends to undergo gender reassignment, from discrimination or harassment within the workplace.

  • All employees and workers will be expected to comply with Definitum’s policy on harassment in the workplace. Any breach of such a policy will lead to the appropriate disciplinary sanction.

  • Where an employee is engaged in work where the gender change imposes genuine problems Definitum will make every effort to reassign the employee or worker to an alternative role in the Company, if so desired by the employee.

  • Any employee or worker suffering discrimination on the grounds of gender reassignment should make recourse to the Company’s grievance procedure.

Complaints & Monitoring Procedures

Definitum has in place procedures for monitoring compliance with this policy and for dealing with complaints of discrimination. Any discrimination complaint will be investigated fully.

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